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    Volume 3, Issue 4, Dec 2017

    Ultra High Birefringent Hexagonal Photonic Crystal Fibers with Ultra Low Confinement Loss Employing Different Sizes of Elliptical Air Holes in the Core
    Md. R. Islam, S.M.R. Islam, Md. T.I. Opu, Md. M. Islam, M.M.A. Mia, S.K. Biswas
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      • Abstract: In this paper a hexagonal microstructure photonic crystal fiber (PCF) is proposed for achieving both ultra high birefringence and large nonlinearity in a high speed transmission system. The full vector Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to study the characteristics of our proposed PCF. In this structure, circular air holes are arranged in the cladding and elliptical air holes are arranged in the core region. According to simulation, the proposed PCF structure has ultra high birefringence of 4.048×10-2, negative dispersion coefficient of - 817.3 ps/( and nonlinear coefficient of 67.9 W-1km-1 at 1550 nm wavelength. Due to ultra high birefringence, large nonlinearity and low dispersion, the proposed structure can be used for sensing, super-continuum generation and dispersion compensation, respectively..

    Self-Lubricating Alumina
    P. Tawheed, F.B. Shahin, Md. K. Al Zabir, A.K.E. Haque Mashuk, M. Alam, Md. N.R. Khan
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      • Abstract: Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) is a self-lubricating based on nanocomposites. This are mostly used material in engineering sector for its high-tech structural application, stiffness, light weight, strength, elasticity and durability. Based on expert’s research, Aluminium Oxide nanocomposites are a combination of Al2O3 and a metal matrix element (Metal, Polymer or Ceramic). Self-lubricating Aluminium Oxide are widely used in many industrial applications such as laminates, adhesives and construction materials, aircraft, racing boats, aerospace and automotive applications. Technology of friction, wear and lubrication of relative motion surface is known as Tribology. In that essay/report we will try to research on technical aspects of tribological properties of self-lubricating Al2O3-based nanocomposites along with its micro structural preparation and mechanical properties..